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St. Vincent Pallotti Transitory Nursing Home for People with Disabilities is a result of the humble beginnings of a program for the provision of services to people with disabilities in the Diocese of Masaka which started in 2003.

Why St. Vincent Pallotti?

The center is an initiative of the Union of Catholic Apostolate. It is constructed in memory of the canonization of St. Vincent Pallotti in 1962 in the Second Vatican Council. (50 Years).

The Union of Catholic Apostolate was founded by St. Vincent Pallotti in 1835. It revives faith, rekindles charity and promotes unity in Christ. It collaborates with the ordinary of the Diocese (Bishop). That is why the Bishop is on top of the organization structure of the project.

Networking, lobbying and advocacy for people with disabilities.

Quality Service delivery for people with disabilities.

The center will work as a spring board in the Diocese for networking, lobbying and advocating for the rights of disabled people, enable them realize their full mental and physical potential, cater for their spiritual needs and help them to access various forms of quality services like education, information, health, food, clothing and other basic social services.

The beneficiaries of the center are people with disabilities that include, the blind, deaf, physically handicapped, mentally disabled and those with multiple disabilities.

Testimonies (Our Story)

We have documented evidence of success through our interventions. You may follow the stories below for details

Our Founder

Fr. Eugenius Kalyango
Fr. Eugenius KalyangoFounder & Executive Director

Programs Manager

Namwanje Dativa Ssozi
Namwanje Dativa SsoziPrograms Manager
Mobile: +256772 899 812 |
E-mail: namdatsso@gmail.com

Organizational Structure

The Diocese is the owner of the project while it is animated by the charism of the Union of Catholic Apostolate through her members. Therefore the partners in this project to take off are:

  • The Union of Catholic Apostolate
  • Masaka Diocese, and
  • The Good Samaritan Sisters

There is a Board of Governors composed of members from the Union and the Diocese for smooth administration of the project. The Union is responsible for fundraising for the project in collaboration with Masaka Diocese and the Good Samaritan Sisters will serve as staff members for running of day to day activities. The partners at play are the Union, Diocese and Good Samaritan Sisters. The Board will make sure that there is supervision of the work going on at the center.

The BOD Members: Fr. John Baptist Kintu, Mr. Muwonge Emmanuel, Mr. Kasirye Joseph, Mr. Yiga Deogratias, Mr. Mayito Pontiano, Fr. Henry Mulindwa, Fr. Eugenius Kalyango, Ms. Harriet Namusoke, Mrs. Katende Racheal and Sr. Gertrude Nantale(GSS)

Summary of achievements in the period June 2017 – May 2018

  • Conducted needs assessment and registered 489 CWDs and 29 Adults with disabilities.

  • Provided surgery and other rehabilitation services to 70 CWDs.

  • Trained 20 Community Volunteers on disability.

  • Provided nutrition support to 32 CWDs.

  • Provided supportive devices to 57 PWDs.

  • Developed partnerships with CoRSU, ISP Uganda, Catholic Care for Children in Uganda (CCCU), Wellspring Children’s Medical Center, Kitovu Hospital, Katalemwa Cheshire Home, among others.

  • Received registration certificate from the registrar of Companies as a Company limited by Guarantee, in the names, Vincent Pallotti’s Initiative for People with Disabilities.

  • Conducted community sensitization on disability in Kimaanya, Kitovu, Luvule, Kyabakuza, Ssaza and Kasozi Parishes.

  • Installed a rain water harvesting system on the convent and main building which has helped to provide the center with constant and reliable supply of water.

The Love of Christ impels us. 2 Cor.5:14


St. Vincent Pallotti’s Initiative for People with Disabilities Ltd, Kitovu Masaka Diocese is a result of the humble beginnings of a program for the provision of services to PWDs in the Diocese of Masaka which started in 2003

Contact Info

P.O. Box 1427 Masaka, Uganda – East Africa.

Phone: +256 753 199 421

Mobile: +256 781 472 810

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